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Individual and Family Psychiatric Care

Medication Management: Medication-assisted treatment for psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disease. for children, adolescents, adults and people with developmental disabilities.

Consultation: Providing human service agencies, group homes, and educational facilities with staff

training, in-services and medication assisted treatment.

Flexibility: The ability to serve our clients through traditional office based visits, telehealth visits, and home/site visits.

Initial Evaluation

(First Appointment)

  • 50-60 Minutes

Follow Up Visits

  • 20 minutes minimum

  • Follow up visits include medication management and psychotherapy. Duration of appointment is dependent upon the individual client and their needs.



Initial Evaluation: 300.00

15 minute medication review: 85.00

20-30 minute follow up appointment for psychotherapy and medication management: 175.00

45-50 minute follow up appointment for psychotherapy and medication management: 250.00

Administrative Fees

Returned Check Fee: $25.00

Nonpayment past 60 days: $10.00 (+$10 for each additional 30 days past)

Additional Services: $25.00 per 10 minutes 

  • This includes phone calls, letters, and emails with you, schools, hospitals, primary care practitioners and therapists. Please note that insurance does not pay for these services, -All returned pager/cell calls will be charged for a minimum of 10 minutes if not related to an adverse reaction/side effect etc. 


Baxter Behavioral Health providers are in-network with the following:


         Blue Cross Blue Shield 




Optum Behavioral Health                                       

     *United Health                                                         

     *Neighborhood of Rhode Island                             


Your insurance policy, if any, is a contract between you and the insurance company. Your provider is not part of the contract with you and your insurance company. As a service to you, your provider will bill insurance companies and other third-party payers, but cannot guarantee such benefits or the amounts covered, and are not responsible for the collection of such payments. In some cases, insurance companies or other third-party payers may consider certain services as not reasonable or necessary or may determine that services are not covered. In such cases, the Person Responsible for Payment of Account is responsible for payment of these services. 

Please Contact us to Verify Your Insurance Is Accepted

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